Penelope Frohardt
Coldwell Banker Realty

Full-Service Rental & Property Management Services

Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your rental needs.  I help take the headache out of the rental process.   Below is an overview of the services I provide.


Quality Tenant Placement

Determine Rent Price of Property

Conduct market and neighborhood analysis to determine the best rental rate for your property.


Property Marketing & Advertising

- Full-service marketing and advertising plan specifically tailored for your property and designed to bring well-qualified tenants.

- This plan includes an advertising mix geared towards your property that maximizes exposure by utilizing all available advertising resources (social media, associations, forums, blogs, Internet/Web sites, media, signage, etc.) to give your property maximum exposure in your specific target market.

- My Coldwell Banker and my professional and personal network (including relocation companies and recruiters) is also utilized extensively to find the right tenant for your property.

- Manage all calls & showings.


Tenant Screening

Meticulous screening of every tenant with an application/background check that is designed to obtain complete comprehensive information on each applicant.


Leasing Contract/Paperwork

- I will work directly with the tenant to negotiate the terms of the lease and address any questions about the lease, saving you time and energy.

- Create a custom lease that I will tailor to your property that complies with all state and federal laws.  


Full-Service Property Management

Move-in Coordination

I will meet with the tenant at the property to provide keys and to address any last-minute concerns educate the new tenant on the critical mechanical systems of the home, conduct a move-in inspection.  


On-going Maintenance

- Handle any maintenance issues that come up, working with my pool preferred vendors to get you the lowest prices. I will coordinate and meet with the contractors and you have final control over the decisions.

- Periodic checks on your property to make sure that the tenant is complying with the terms of the lease and taking care of your property. 


Move-out Inspections

- Meet with the tenant at the property towards the end of the lease.

- Perform an inspection and coordinate security deposit return and forwarding address information.


 * Contact me for Pricing


Why use me?

1) I have a PR & Marketing background and will promote and advertise your property in every possible way (Social Media, Word of Mouth, all the major sites - including Zillow, Hotpads, Craigslist, Trulia, etc...)

2) I’m networked with recruiters.  Relocation clients are great tenants.  A lot of people relocate and want to rent for a year before they decide where to buy or they just rent for 2 years and move to another city.  

3) I’m networked with realtors.   Realtors always have clients that have sold their house and they haven’t found another one yet or they simply just want to rent for a bit before making their next move.   In addition, they are used as a housing resource and there are always requests for rentals in my feed (I keep an eye out daily for anything that matches your unit). 

4)  I am solely promoting your property for rent (I do not take on competing rentals).  Your rental has my undivided attention.   I am not just trying to rent anything I can to the tenant and throwing a bunch of options at them.  I am exclusively promoting your property.

5) Name recognition.  Coldwell is a trusted name and leader in the market for property solutions in the Twin Cities and worldwide.  

6) I will work harder for you.  I take a lot of pride in my work and I want to make all of my clients happy and exceed their expectations. 

7) Because I want to make sure I am providing the best service for my clients, I limit the number of properties that I manage to less than 4 at a time, and I won’t take on any competing/similar rentals in the same geography and/or price point when trying to find a tenant.  Your property is my priority.   

8) I have a large database that I've created of trusted resources.  Dishwasher breaks?  I know who to call.  Windows need washed?  I know who to call.   I will handle all coordination.